Before & After

Hi, what you are viewing is before and after photos of a small number of patients I treated and was able to capture their pictures over the past few years. Regrettably I don’t have pictures of every patient that I treated, although I wish I did. No digital modification has been applied other than cropping. I thank my patients for trusting me and allowing me to help them achieve ultimate oral health. Some of these cases were performed on disabled patients which made it even more challenging in so many ways. As Mother Teresa said, “We don’t do great things, but small things but with great love.” Your continuous support and trust in Grace Dental of Virginia is my biggest complement. More cases will be posted as we continue caring for people. Stay in Grace.
I- Child front tooth trauma (chipped and cracked), treatment composite bonding.


II- Spaces between teeth, treatment Lumineers and cosmetic whitening.


III- Mal aligned teeth, treatment Veneers.


IV-Crocked teeth and traumatic occlusion treatment Porcelain crowns and gum shaping (gingivoplasty)


V- Overlapping teeth treatment Cosmetic bonding.


VI- Missing tooth replaced with Mini implant lower anterior single tooth.


VII- Dental decay and defectives filling, treatment bonding filling.


VIII- Missing front teeth treatment fixed bridge (porcelain).


IX- Decalcifications and decayed front tooth, treatment bonding composite filling.


X- Discolored and dark front teeth, treatment Cosmetic crowns porcelain.


XI- Mal aligned teeth (orthodontic treatment contraindicated), alternative treatment is Cosmetic Composite Bonding.


XII- Edentulous upper arch and partially edentulous lower arch, treatment Complete Denture & Lower Partial Denture.


XIII- Missing upper front teeth, treatment Upper Partial Denture.


XIV- Edentulous upper arch, treatment Maxillary Complete Denture.


XV- Partially edentulous lower arch, treatment Lower Partial Denture.


XVI- Gross decay and decalcifications, treatment with glass ionomer bonding Restorations.


XIII- Missing front teeth, treatment Five Units Upper Fixed Porcelain Bridge.


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