Special Needs Dental Services

Dr. Jarwa prides himself on being a specialist and educator for patients with special needs, namely intellectual disabilities. It’s a very challenging form of dentistry that require expertise, patience, compassion and knowledge in behavioral management. Dr. Jarwa has successfully treated patients with disabilities for over ten years, providing a range of dental services with or without physical support and restraining methods to ensure the safety of the patients and staff. Although the staff at Grace Dental of Virginal is experienced in treating patients with moderate to severe disabilities, it is very challenging without sedation. Who are these patients?

Sedation Dentistry for the Disabled

It may be especially difficult for people with disabilities to obtain access to proper dental care. They must find a dentist who is skilled and compassionate, and who can provide services for which some dentists may not be qualified. At Grace Dental of VA , we provide the expertise, state-of-the-art-equipment, and dedication required to assist special needs patients and ensure great oral care for our patients.

Disabled patients may face added challenges in maintaining their oral health. Their disability may make it difficult to brush or floss regularly; they may also suffer a severe gag reflux, or dry mouth as a result of medication. Dr. Jarwa meets these challenges with sedation dentistry for the disabled. Also, our anesthesiologist Dr. Tran is skilled in IV Sedation for special needs patients, and can ease the fear associated with out-of-control oral hygiene with one visit.