Going to the dentist can be a scary experience. Whether you take excellent care of your teeth or not, an appointment with the dentist is usually not something most people look forward to. And for many, it can even be a source of great anxiety.

At Grace Dental we believe in putting our patients first. Perhaps more than anything, that means recognizing and addressing the different fears and concerns patients have when they come in to visit us.

The Different Fears of the Dentist

  • Fear of the Chair – Sitting back for a dental cleaning can be unpleasant a lot of reasons. As Dr. Jarwa describes, there’s an inherent lack of control while in “the chair.”
  • Fear of the Unknown – Part of the anxiety involved in going to the dentist is not knowing what the dentist is going to find. Will you find out you have a cavity? Multiple cavities? Something worse?
  • Fear of the Pain – More than anything, most people don’t like going to the dentist because they’re afraid it will be physically painful. Whether from bad past experiences or just the thought of sharp tools in a sensitive mouth, it’s understandable to expect a dentist visit to be unpleasant.
  • Fear of the Bill – Along with the fear of an unknown cavity (or something worse) is financial uncertainty. How much will it cost? Will I be able to afford it? Sometimes it feels like it’d be better not to know.

The Grace Dental Approach

Like the pilot on a plane, it’s essential that you trust your dentist. That’s why Dr. Jarwa makes it a priority to spend time getting to know each patient individually.

Dr. Jarwa understands the apprehension patients face and makes sure they’re always comfortable throughout their exam. He believes in numbing patients fully, and understands that some may not respond to just a single shot.

At Grace Dental, we’re committed to working with patients in any financial situation. Most of all, we’re committed to treating them like family.

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